Residential Services

This is a sample of what we can do for you:

•    Help you with a bathroom, laundry or kitchen area renovation
•    Repair to all water pipe leaks or waste pipe leaks
•    Service or replace leaky toilets and leaky taps
•    Clean blocked drains
•    Camera inspection of drains to locate and quote a repair accurately
•    Install new gas or electrical hot water units
•    Installing gas heater bayonet points, new gas hotplates or gas stoves
•    Electronic gas leak detection with appliance servicing
•    New housing construction
•    Waste pipe replacements
•    Gas hot water unit servicing
•    Lpg gas regulator replacements
•    Gas oven and hot plate servicing
•    Sewer conversions and Replacement of old sewer drains
•    Rain water tank installations to your toilets or laundry
•    Any type of water, gas or drainage issue